Wide Open Media Services

For most events we need 30 days notice to hold the date for you. Anything less and we may not have shooters available. We also require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold that date with the remainder due immediately before the event.

After your shoot we will process and upload your media to our website, or a file sharing service like DropBox if you desire, so you and your friends or colleagues can view the photos and/or videos. Depending on your project the processing of media could take anywhere from 48 hours to 7 days or more.

General Pricing

Athletic Events
This is coverage of a sporting event like youth & club sports, a theater play, or dance recital. This includes one photographer shooting one body with one or more lenses. Can be general coverage or specific coverage to one competitor or team. Depending on the event more than one photographer may be necessary to properly provide coverage.
This could be coverage of commercial events like a corporate meeting, interview, head shots, and product photography. This includes one photographer shooting one body with one or more lenses. Depending on your project a set of lights may be necessary. A secondary cameras is often helpful as is a gimbal for moving shots.
Portrait, Formal, or Landscape
This would include portraits, head shots, engagement photos, and landscapes. This includes one photographer shooting one body with one or more lenses. A set of lights is often beneficial.
Weddings are a beast unto their own and are priced differently. If this is what you need you already know they are expensive but we try to keep that cost as low as possible. We can provide everything from a simple, two hour photography package of the wedding itself to a full day of photo and video coverage. Tell us what you want so we can tailor a package just for you.
A word about copyrights
Under ALL circumstances, unless agreed to previously in writing, the copyright of ALL media stays with Wide Open Media and it's photographer(s). If you plan to use the job commercially we will need to work out a licensing price for the use of the media. A common misconception is that you need to own the copyright. This is not the case. You simply need the correct rights for the media according to your desired use.